What is The Cozy Caravan Club 

Virginia, Maryland and District of Columbia's vintage bar experience on wheels. Classic 1950's campers are reimagined as mobile bars with big personalities. The Cozy Caravan Club is the memorable alternative to keg party pumps, tubs of ice with jockey boxes on folding tables, Pourbox beer trailers and beer truck rentals for your event. The truth is all of your guests will interact with the bar and its servers. So make that interaction something to remember with the Cozy Caravan's vintage mobile bars. 

For your special event we provide a truly unique Caravan, stocked backbar and great bartenders. You provide the alcohol and we take care of the rest. How do oyster on the half shell, specialty craft cocktails, boozy milkshakes, wine slushys sound. If you can imagine it, we can do it. And if it's not that kind of party, we do that too. We have friends that can fill the Caravan with delicious baked goods, gourmet cotton candy and frozen treats. 

Perfect for weddings, foodie and beer festivals, VIP tents, business functions and promotional events. Even small gatherings of friends and family need a fun focal point. The Caravans easily fit in small spaces. A backyard or driveway is instantly converted into a memorable destination. 

Our first trailer is a 12' Canned Ham named after our daughter, Sophie. She's spunky and bright, packing a big punch in a small footprint. Her total length is 13' with an interior space of 10' x 6'6". Four taps are available for wine and craft beer. Vintage cut glass, VIP seating and delicate accent pieces make Sophie one of a kind. 

Our newest trailer is a 12' Shasta named Pearl after our love of the sea and her truly unique design. Pearl incorporates three service windows and an optional oyster display and shucking table. Think beer, bubbly and oysters on the half shell. She features a raw aluminum finish, complete with the original Shasta wings. Her total length is 13' with an interior space of 10' x 6'6". Four taps are available for wine and craft beer and full bar service is easily accommodated. 

Fun and memorable experiences. It's inevitable, roll up a 60 year old vintage camper that's been repurposed into a classically styled bar on wheels and people are going to talk ... and take pictures. It's like a magnet. With the exception of a beautiful bride, the trailers will be the first thing your guests visit and where you will find them all at the end of the event.

We know, a lot of questions. Check out our FAQ page to learn more and then fill out the contact form and we will call you right away. We can't wait to hear all about what you have planned!