The Bubbles & Brews Prosecco and Craft Beer Bar

The Bubbles & Brews Prosecco and Craft Beer Bar

Interested in learning more about our business? Want to start your own Cozy Caravan Club in a market we don't service? Want to buy a prosecco van?

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Did you know ... the Cozy Caravan Club finds and restores domestically produced mini-trucks and imports vintage Piaggio Ape's directly from Italy for sale in the US. We have unique relationships throughout the US and Italy that help us find good ones. They are all running and the bodywork is in good condition for the age of the vehicle. You can purchase these outright or we can restore and transform them into spectacular prosecco vans and craft beer vans, specialty cocktail bars, mini-trucks ... you name it.

We are currently filling a container that is scheduled to arrive early February. Four of the eight Piaggio Ape's are already sold. If you would like to learn more about our Piaggio Ape's for sale in the US, please contact us quickly.

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The Bubbles & Brews Prosecco & Craft Beer Bar - Brought to you by the Cozy Caravan Club - Available Now!

It's true, we're converting a 1959 three wheeled mini-truck into a vintage mobile prosecco and craft beer bar. Small enough to drive through a set of double doors, this one-of-a-kind bar is just as comfortable inside or out.

It has four taps to pour perfectly chilled prosecco and craft beer for your special event. Styled to compliment every occasion.

As imitation is the sincerest form of flattery we want to give credit where credit is due. Our bar is inspired by classic Italian Piaggo Ape's and the stunning Bubble Bros prosecco van recently featured on the Today Show and The Knot.

The Bubbles & Brews Prosecco & Craft Beer Bar is the memorable alternative to keg party pumps, tubs of ice with jockey boxes on folding tables, Pourbox beer trailers and beer truck rentals and wine truck rentals for your event.

The truth is all of your guests will interact with the bar. So make that interaction something to remember with the Cozy Caravan's Bubbles & Brews Prosecco and Craft Beer Van. 


Mimosas & bellinis on the Bubbles & Brews Prosecco & Craft Beer Bar